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At Mint Super Audits, we are proud to support SMSF trustees, accountants, advisors, and administrators with high-quality auditing services.

Why Choose Us?

At Mint SMSF Audits, we know how important validity and accuracy of SMSF financial records are. We work hard to ensure that all legal requirements of your annual audit are met and that your self-managed super fund is complaint with the SISA and the SISR.

SMSF Professional Team

Mint Super Audits are an independent SMSF audit firm; we are proud to provide high quality self-managed super fund audit services to Australian SMSF trustees, accountants, advisors and administrators.


Our auditing services are timely. We know the importance of efficiency in SMSF audits and take pride in delivering prompt services without compromising quality.

Quality SMSF Audits

We offer great quality audit services. We value the same things that you do: accuracy and validity. Our standards are high and we are passionate about our ability to meet them. The Independent auditor’s report (IAR) that we provide is thorough and carefully crafted so that you can trust its accuracy. Our adaptability and technical capability means that we are fit to take on any auditing job.

Flat fee

Some auditors include fee and bundle services to trustees; others invoice trustees. At Mint Super Audits, we charge from $440 Incl. GST for complex funds which have related unit trusts, Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement(LRBS) or personal use assets and collectables, with a surcharge of $165 when a fund has contraventions that must be reported to the ATO.


Our auditing processes are professional. We adhere to confidentiality and are compliant with government laws and regulations. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide auditing services you can have confidence in.


We are an independent company. The ATO, ASIC and Accounting Bodies highlight the importance of SMSF audits being performed independently from the account’s preparation and financial planning. At Mint SMSF Audits, audits are our focus and our skill set is specific and comply to the independence standard of APES 110 – Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.


What is the role of an SMSF auditor?

Anyone who runs a self-managed superannuation fund must, by law, ensure that the fund is audited at the end of each financial year by a registered SMSF auditor. An SMSF auditor is responsible for ensuring the fund’s compliance with superannuation rules and regulations, and checking that all financial records are valid and accurate. SMSF auditors operate under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993

What will I need to provide to my SMSF auditor?

SMSF audits consists of two elements. For the Financial Report audit, we will need:
– An Audit Engagement Letter signed by the Trustees
– A signed Trustee Representation Letter
– A Financial Report (including Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Member Statements)
– A completed Annual Tax Return
– Supporting documents for all items in the Financial Reports
For the Compliance Report audit, we will need:
– Permanent files of the SMSF
– Copy of signed Trust Deed
– Copy of signed Minutes of Meetings
– Copy of signed Investment Strategy
– Copy of signed Consent to act as Trustee and Member Applications
– Copy of signed Trustee Declaration (applicable for SMSFs established after 1 Jul 2007)
– Copy of signed Pension documentation (if the fund is in pension mode)
– Actuarial Certificate (if applicable)
– Life insurance certificate for members (if applicable)
– ASIC Annual Return if the SMSF has a company acting as the Fund’s Trustee

If I establish my super fund in this financial year and if my fund does not have any transaction in this financial year, do I still have to organise end of year administration?

Yes, you will still need to meet audit and tax return requirements for self-managed superannuation funds.

Can Mint SMSF Audits help me?

Absolutely! We’re here to help the SMSF audit process run smoothly. We look forward to you getting in touch!